Using Community Success


Community Success is a directory platform to connect talented small businesses across the United States and Canada.

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After You Purchased a Subscription Plan

The first view is the dashboard where you can update basic profile information,  billing, and create your business profile.


This area allows you to manage your account by updating any personal information, changing passwords, and updating credit card information, which is not displayed to the public.

Edit My Profile

This is where you build out your business profile 


Allows you to see all past orders

My Subscription

View plan details


This optional feature allows you to provide an address.

Payment Method

The credit card that was used during the sign-up process is listed here, and also can be updated in this section.

Account Details

This section allows you to update your name, username, and passwords to your account.


Sign-out of the Community Success platform

Learn How to Create Your Business profile

After clicking on Edit My Profile, you will be sent to a page to build your business profile. Based on your subscription account, you will have all or some of the features listed below.


  • Profile – Very similar to the features found on the dashboard view, you can also update your basic contact information which is used for billing purposes and for the Community Success team.
  • Items – This section is where you will build out your business profile. Please note, based on the subscription plan you select, you might not have access to all the features. All content from this section will show up on the website.
  • Media – Libray of all the files you uploaded to the website
  • Calendar – Featured subscription plan provides users access to a calendar. 


After you click on Add New:

Add Title

Enter the name of your business here.

Text Box

The Text box allows you to write more about your business.

Item Categories

Check off the box that closely relates to your business model, and if you do not see your category, please contact us.

Item Locations

Check off the box where your business is located, and if you do not see your location in the United States or Canada, please contact us.

Item Options

    • Contact –  The general contact information like telephone, email, and web address related to your business.
    • Opening Hours – Enter your business operating hours and you can add a note
    • Images Gallery – Add a series of photos to show off your business by clicking on “add images to gallery” and then upload from your device.
    • Custom Inputs – This area allows you to add your social media URLs and check off or select options from the various categories that relate to your business. Please note, this area will grow as Community Success grows, and you will have more options in the future.

Featured Image

A single image to represent your business profile.


Allows you to turn on and off comments for your page

Item Reviews

Review all comments left on your business profile page


Publish will make your page live.